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Native of the island of Tahiti, Hina spent a large part of her youth with her paternal grandmother from whom she takes her Tahitian roots. As a child she could spend hours playing on the mountain side, spotting various fruits growing in the trees of the Fenua (islands of French Polynesia). She also enjoyed swimming in the lagoons observing the rich variety of fishes, rays and sharks.

At the age of 18 she moved to France where she lived for about 10 years. This chapter of her life, made her realize how much she missed the warmth and beauty of the Polynesian lifestyle.
She decided to move back to Tahiti and settled in. To this day, she never gets tired of the stunning French Polynesia landscapes. From the mountains with their sculpted reliefs covered with a luxuriant flora, to the lagoons sparkling with a colourful aquatic fauna. The charm of the islands is a continuous amazement.

Convinced that French Polynesia truly is one of the most beautiful jewels of this planet, she will be delighted to guide you through every step of your stay.

Her favorite island : Depending on her mood, she will always answer you with a different island. Among the 118 Polynesian jewels, she is confident that you will fall in love with one or more islands!

Her favorite Polynesian dish : raw fish with coconut milk also known as the “Tahitian salad” & Chicken with tarot and sweet potato gratin

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The best packages for Moorea island

This beautiful island is a luxuriant garden set on a perfect lagoon. Chosen by many painters, artists and writers,its sweetness, its preserved environment and its specific charm immediatlely enchant travellers.


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