Fauna – Our islands are both a heaven to birds and the richest aquarium on the planet

Birds : Our islands offer ideal stopover sites to migrating birds crossing the ocean. The uninhabited islets are for them safe shelters where often rare & threatened species come to nest. There is an infinite diversity of species including blue-footed boobies and frigates (majestic birds characterized by the scarlet jabot of the males during the nuptial parades.) In the valleys, “salanganes” (beige tits), and endemic swallows can be seen, while rivers are home to hunting martins and small herons.

Marine fauna : Our waters are home to some 800 fish species, which multi-coloured liveries offer divers a spectacle that is both soothing and captivating. In the coral lace, it is an incessant ballet of motley “surgeons”, turquoise “ladies”, green or blue parrots … Not to mention the turtles that are often seen, Manta rays either gliding in the shallows or hovering just below the water surface, Dolphins (a third of the dolphin’s species of all the oceans is present in our waters) and the majestic & peaceful whales that give birth in the deep bays.


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