The beauty of Polynesian women is not a myth. Beautiful skins golden by the sun, brown hair in cascades topped with tiare flowers, coconut fragrance; many sailors have been charmed by these island sirens. Paul Gauguin has devoted part of his life to painting their exotic beauty. The Miss France 2019 scarf proudly worn by Vaimalama Chaves bears the colours of Polynesia high up.

In the archipelago, on June 21, 2019, nine beauties competed in a charming duel to win the favour of the jury and the public for the crown of Miss Tahiti.

Matahari Bousquet was able to do well and become the new muse of Tahiti. Polynesia is counting on it to properly represent the fenua, the country, at the 90th edition of the election of Miss France on December 14, 2019 at the dome of Marseille.

Vaimalama Chaves will then hand over her crown to the lucky lady, under the tender gaze of Jean-Pierre Foucault and Sylvie Tellier.


Matahari Bousquet, at 1.80 metres tall, will be competing with 29 other regional misses.

It will first have to convince a heteroclite jury composed of Amandine Henry, captain of the French football team, Mareva Galenter former Miss France, singer Vitaa, television presenter Denis Brogniart, Slimane the singer, actress Laetitia Milot and pastry chef Christophe Michalak.

General knowledge, eloquence, personality, motivation and physical skills will be combed through for a pre-selection of 15 candidates.

Then, the public will be invited to join the jury to determine the five eligible for the title. The audience will have the final word and determine the podium. The evening will be marked by competition and smiles. Robbie Williams will celebrate these beauties by performing her hits.

The Miss’s World Tour theme will offer a scenic journey by highlighting some beautiful regions of the globe, notably Polynesia.

Matahari Bousquet, from Moorea Island, will have to keep his head on his shoulders and play with his elbows, in all elegance.

She, who fell into the Miss bath a little by chance and to please her loved ones, makes humility her best weapon in the trophy race. At 23, she wants to take a look at life and redesign fashion while paying attention to the environment. Let’s bet that TF1 viewers will see in her the new Miss France and will support her.

Polynesia intends to show that in beauty it knows its stuff!