Welcome to the Te Fare Iamanaha Museum,
a renovated cultural jewel of Tahiti!

A stay in French Polynesia without taking an interest in Polynesian culture would be incomplete. The life on the islands, the rites, the arts are often unknown to us. Thousand-year-old knowledge will be happy to lift the veil on their mysteries and will make you grasp a little of the Polynesian soul.

Since 1974, the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands has been located 15 kilometers from Papeete, on the island of Tahiti.

This extraordinary museum, formerly known as Te Fare Manaha, has been transformed to offer visitors an unforgettable experience in the heart of Polynesian culture, and is ready to dazzle you with its new exhibits and facilities.

After four and a half years of renovation, the museum has been expanded and modernized to bring you over 600 fascinating pieces of Oceanic, especially Polynesian, heritage. Whether you are a history buff or a curious traveler, Te Fare Iamanaha is a must-see destination to discover the hidden treasures of the Pacific and beyond.

Let yourself be swept away by the incredible journey offered by the new permanent exhibition hall, designed to immerse you in the cultural and natural specificities of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. Enjoy an audio tour available in French, Tahitian, English and Spanish, and explore the sections dedicated to Eastern Polynesia and the islands of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.

The museum has partnered with several European museums to add dozens of iconic objects to the tour, including the famous A’a god statue from the Austral Islands and the majestic Tahitian Elder costume on loan from the British Museum. Don’t miss these masterpieces!

Thanks to a modern and interactive scenography, Te Fare Iamanaha invites you to live an immersive experience where touch screens, videos and models make Polynesian culture more accessible than ever. You’ll be amazed by the rich history and traditions that have shaped these paradise islands.

Don’t forget to visit the boutique-bookstore to find unique souvenirs and local handicrafts. And to top it all off, end your visit with a stroll through the redesigned botanical garden, which celebrates the close connection between Polynesians and their environment.

Te Fare Iamanaha – Museum of Tahiti and the Islands is the perfect place to immerse yourself in fascinating Polynesian culture. Come visit this cultural gem on your next Tahitian adventure and share your discoveries with friends and family.

See you in paradise!