Tahiti and her islands

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Society Archipelago


Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia – is the administrative and economical center of the country and features the only international airport. Consequently, all travelers will have to pass by Tahiti upon their international arrival and to catch their flight back home.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the most famous of the Leeward Islands – is located 280 km north-west of Tahiti, just under one hour away by plane.
Superlatives are missing to describe the beauty of Bora Bora, the “Pearl of the Pacific”, with its sharp relief and turquoise waters where a multi-color aquatic fauna can be observed.



Raiatea is the administrative center of the Leeward Islands and is located a little over 30 minutes away by plane from Tahiti.



Maupiti lives mostly from watermelon and coprah agriculture produced on motu (islets). It is accessible by plane from Papeete.



Moorea can be easily visited from Tahiti, either by boat or by plane. Because of the short distance that separates Tahiti and Moorea, it often carries the nickname of Sister island (of Tahiti).



Located at only 35 mn by plane from Tahiti, Huahine is not only the nearest Leeward island from Tahiti but also stands among the most preserved islands of the Society archipelago.



The sister island of Raiatea, enclosed with her in the same wonderful lagoon was not yet the plantation island with the sweet aroma of vanilla pervading the mountains and villages as it is nowadays but the growing of the scented pods now plays an important part in the lives of her 4,845 inhabitants.


Tuamotu Archipelago


Rangiroa (or Ra’iroa) is the largest atoll of Tahiti and her Islands and one of the four largest in the world.



Fakarava is the second largest atoll of Polynesia,  has two main villages: Rotoava and Tetamanu, formerly the main village.



The first pearl farm set up in 1968, paving the way for the other Tuamotu islands, made of Manihi one of the principal centre for black pearl in the South Pacific.



Located some 300 kms to the northwest of Tahiti, Tikehau is also called the “Robinson’s Island”. This oval shaped atoll has a large pass and a series of islets (motu).


Marquesas Archipelago

Nuku hiva

The main island of the northern group and the largest of the archipelago, Nuku Hiva is the administative and economic capital of the Marquesas.


Hiva oa

Hiva Oa is the largest of the southern islands – has always been the rival of Nuku Hiva which is now the administrative capital of the Marquesas.


Gambiers Archipelago


Located more than 1 700 kilometers east of Tahiti, the Gambier Archipelago has rare atmosphere of history and mystery that make the trip worthwhile.


Australes Archipelago


Protected from the ocean’s fury by a small coral reef, Rurutu the “gushing rock” in the Polynesian language is the most northern island of the archipelago.



Tubuai enjoys a temperate climate, tropical yet cooler than Tahiti. Tubuai is the largest island of the archipelago.



With all her 28 tini islets etched out under the sky, where a multitude of sea birds nest, Raivavae almost unreal, seems to float within her emerald lagoon.


A fully deserved image of terrestrial paradise

118 islands divided into 5 archipelagos representing diverse cultures, landscapes and people to meet! In Tahiti and Her Islands, there is a myriad of wonders waiting to be discovered; whether the landscape’s unique beauty or the diverse human and cultural aspects! You will certainly run out of time before you discover them all. This is why a second trip is often appreciated, and we would love to welcome you again!

The only appropriate word to describe the large amount of places to see, and experiences to live, is ‘exceptional diversity’

Our destination will meet expectations for everyone:  from the prodigious hiker, the passionate diver or the unconditional adept of “taking it easy” on white sand beaches. Scattered over the immense, pristine waters that cover an area of some 5 million square kilometers (Europe is roughly as large), our islands boast turquoise blue lagoons that rank among the most beautiful in the world. Our archipelagos feature all types of accommodation, ranging from family guest houses to luxury hotels, with prices meeting all budgets. You will undoubtedly enjoy the type of experience you dreamed about for years: restful and peaceful for some, adventurous and rich in emotions for others.

An air of romance gently flutters over the pristine waters of our lagoons

In everyone’s imagination, Tahiti and Her Islands have always been that magical place where the story of “those in love” begins … It is therefore not a surprise, to see newlyweds come from all over the world to experience “heaven on earth” with their soulmate!

An endearing people whose soul remains anchored in warm welcoming traditions

The Polynesian people will welcome you to their islands with necklaces of flowers and their innate joy of living. You may well be invited by a true Polynesian to partake in a meal that will be rich in taste, flavors, and laughter!

A bountiful, unusual and exciting culture

Maohi art and culture (archaeological sites, tattoos), traditional crafts or dances… Our culture demonstrates so many facets!  Polynesian culture conveys a strong appeal of the unknown and mysterious… No doubt it will seduce and even captivate you !

Tahiti and Her Islands will remain in your hearts forever. You will dream about them for the rest of your life!

Without a doubt, you will return home with your head & heart filled with scents, colors and unforgettable memories. All our visitors do… and they keep for a lifetime, the sweet trace of the vibrant emotions they felt during their stay…

Area  : 4,000 km²

Population  : 268,270 inhabitant in 2012

French, Reo Maohi

Currency :
Pacific Franc (CFP)

Total number of Islands :


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