Wedding Registry

Why not a pure dream in your wedding gift basket ?  Why Tahiti would not be your wedding gift ? Dear newlyweds, why wouldn’t you offer your family and friends the opportunity to participate in the costs of your honeymoon trip to Tahiti and her islands ?

Being “offered THE dream for your wedding”… Isn’t the idea innovative and exciting? But that is feasible and  it’s quite easy to make the idea a reality ! You just need to include  your  trip  in  your wedding list…. Then the dream can come true… at a key moment in your sentimental Life !

How does that work ? Actually, it’s so simple !

After confirmation of your honeymoon package, we offer you to freely publish a page for your wedding gift basket on our Website. You just need to forward us: Your date and place of wedding, a glamorous photo of both of you to illustrate your Web page, a few words from you and the email address where you would like to be contacted.

Upon receipt, we will publish your page and forward you its URL (example http:/, so that you can send the link to your friends and family to invite them to participate. This page will include all the details about your trip. Then, your family and friends are able to visualize your itinerary and the outstanding balance of your trip cost.

After each payment, we will send you a recap to keep you informed about : The amount paid by the persons who have participated in your trip costs, the names and email addresses of these persons and the outstanding balance that still needs.

Special conditions :

  • Your wedding registry will be closed 40 days prior to your arrival and the remaining balance will fall due in the following next 10 days.
  • In case of cancellation, our general terms and conditions will apply (please report to our general terms and conditions).


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