450 kilometers from Papeete, Fakarava is the second largest atoll of Polynesia, a 60 km by 25 km rectangle has two main villages: Rotoava in the northeast near the Ngarue pass, one kilometer wide and its airdrome; and then there is Tetamanu, formerly the main village of the island located near the southern Tumakohua pass.

This protected atoll together with its six neighboring islands, originally including Taiaro, makes up a Unesco classified nature reserve, which is the proof of the richness of the ecosystem of these atolls.

The real drawcard to the island is its scuba diving which still holds its share of excitement : loach, meru, barracuda, rays and the highly memorable hammerhead and tiger sharks.

To protect the island’s untouched environment, the only hotel was built respecting its surroundings, on both land and sea, by refraining form erecting over-water bungalows.


  • A protected atoll that is part of a UNESCO classified biosphere reserve
  • The “Mecca” of diving
  • The old village of Tetamanu whis has one of the first catholic churches built of coral and dates back to 1874
  • Authentic experience
  • Another world

Activities and Sightseeing

  •  Circle island tour
  • Pearl farms visit
  • Nautical activities
  • Scuba diving with TOP DIVE FAKARAVA NORTH & SOUTH
  • Nautical lagoon & coral reef pass excursions
  • Deep sea sport fishing
  • Catholic church built in coral (1874)

Archipelago  : TUAMOTU ISLANDS

Surface  : 433 sq.mi. (lagoon)

Location : 280 miles Northeast of Tahiti

Population  : + 855

Resources :
copra, pearls

Capital city : Rotoava


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