Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia – is the administrative and economical center of the country and features the only international airport. Consequently, all travelers will have to pass by Tahiti upon their international arrival and to catch their flight back home.


Most travelers (and travel guides) consider Tahiti as a transit island only and want to spend as little time as possible there. Although we understand your desire to quickly jump on the white sand beaches and coconut trees found on other islands, we believe that Tahiti also offers many different points of interests such as museums, shops, beautiful hiking and safari excursions …

For all of you looking for a little nightlife, please note that Tahiti is the only island where you will find night bars, discos & clubs. On all other islands, nightlife is almost non-existent. Finally, here are 2 good spots where you can have a refreshing swim : West coast from PK15 to PK19 (some good snorkeling too) ; Venus Point, East coast – PK10, with its black sand beach (no snorkeling).

Tahiti iti, the peninsula, holds some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Polynesia ; particularly the hike to the Pari, as splendid and totally untouched site , and of course Teahupoo, one of the best surf spots in the world.


  • A rich nature heritage : impressive and accessible waterfalls, mysterious naturels sites, splendid skylines
  • The cradle of our historical and cultural inheritance
  • Terrestrial and underwater treasures : lagoon, intact barrier reef, enchanting tropical gardens and spectacular surfing spots
  • A broad range of activities : hiking, horseback excursions, safairs, underwater explorations….
  • Nightlife, bars
  • Larger choice of restaurants
  • A large choice of affourdable, quality accommodation
  • A modern and diversified air, land and marine travel network
  • Unique events, entertainment and shows
  • Tahiti’s diverse style of cuisine

Activities and Sightseeing

  • Heiva festivites in july
  • Circle island tour : Venus Point, Blow Hole, 3 waterfalls, Gauguin Museum
  • The Hitiaa “Lavatubes”, The Taharaa “one tree hill” and orientation table
  • 4×4 safari : visit the inner-island and mountains (the best one consists of crossing Tahiti from Papenoo to Mataiea)
  • Viewpoints: Belvedere, Taravao plates
  • Museums : Gauguin, Tahiti & her Islands, James Norman Hall, Robert Wan Pearl Museum
  • The Papeete Market  : A good place to buy souvenirs and handcraft, flowers .
  • Tahitian dance show
  • Visit of a contemporary art exihibition
  • Traditional or modern concert
  • Varied culinary styles
  • Scuba diving
  • Surf, jet ski, lagoon cruises, Billabong pro in Teahupoo
  • Relaxation centers & spa


Surface : 402,32 sq miles

Highest peak  : Orohena (7,352 feet)

Population :
+ 186,909

Capital city :


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