Terms and Conditions

(Last updated : January 17th, 2024)


Prices published on “www.etahititravel.com” (known as “the website”)

All prices published on the website are in Euros, all taxes included (VAT of 5%, tourist tax, service charge and CPS tax included), with the exception of a local city tax between 0.50 and 1.66 euro / person / night to be paid directly at the hotel. All taxes and prices published on the website are subject to change without notice.

In any case, only the total amount of the finalized quote sent by our travel agent is contractual. (see § 2)

2. TOTAL AMOUNT OF QUOTATION (sent by an e-Tahiti Travel agent)

The total amount of the final quote is in Euros, all taxes included with the exception of a local city tax between 0.50 and 1.66 euro / person / night to be paid directly to the hotel.

The validity of the final quote is 15 days subject to availability.

The total amount of the final quote cannot be detailed service by service.


The prices provided in the contract are not subject to revision, except in the following cases :

(a) Changes in transportation costs, particularly fuel costs

  1. b) Change in fees and taxes related to the services offered, such as airport taxes, accommodation service charges, etc.

In case of modification of these data, we reserve the right to modify our sales prices as follows:

For scheduled flights, the application of the increase or decrease is applied directly by the airline and re-imposed by e TAHITI travel to its customers on the air part of the packages.


On all islands except Tahiti, land transfers between the airport (or ferry terminal) and your hotel are mandatory. This service is automatically included in your quote.

In Tahiti and Moorea, the transfers are respectively operated by Tahiti Best Transport and Torea Nui Transport. For the other islands, the transfers are operated directly by the hotels.


Hotel voucher / Transfers / Domestic plane tickets (inter-island)

All our documents are now digital and therefore we no longer provide hotels vouchers.

Except for international airline tickets, all your travel documents  will be delivered to you on site by one of our guides upon your international arrival at Tahiti Faaa airport.

For your international flights, electronic tickets will be sent to you by email once the payment of the balance of your trip is received.

5.1 Deposit / Down payment

5.1.a General conditions

A security deposit is required for any reservation of a stay. The receipt of your deposit (deposit) will be considered as a confirmation of your stay and an acceptance of these terms and conditions. No service will be reserved before receipt of this deposit. (see § 7 for payment). Unless otherwise specified by your travel consultant, the amount of this deposit represents 30% of your stay + 100% of the cost of international flights.

For any reservation for less than 1 000€ or made less than 45 days before the client’s arrival, the totality of the payment for the stay is required at the time of booking.

For any other case, our agents will inform you of the amount of this deposit as soon as our estimate is accepted.

5.1.b Special conditions

If your quote includes a cruise, an additional deposit may be required.

In case your quote includes a stay at Brando Tetitiaroa, a 20% deposit is required at the time of booking.

For all travel reservations including international flights, a copy of each passenger’s passport must be provided before tickets are issued.

5.2 Payment of the balance / Final payment

The payment of the balance of your stay is due at the latest 45 days before your arrival in French Polynesia. Otherwise, the reservations will be automatically cancelled, without refund of your deposit. We will send a final reminder to the email address given 45 days priori to your arrival.

In case your quote includes a stay at Brando Tetiaroa, the balance is requested 60 days before arrival.

If your quote includes a cruise, the balance can be requested up to 90 days before arrival (Aranui for example).


For your international flights (if included in your quotation) electronic tickets will be sent to you by email after receipt of the totality of the deposit for your trip. These tickets must be presented at check-in with your passport. (Obtaining the necessary visas to enter French Polynesia or to transit in a third country is the responsibility of the traveler.

For any modification or cancellation of these tickets, the following fees will be applied:

Modification: 150 euros per ticket. / Cancellation: 300 euros per ticket.

Attention, tickets will not be refunded in case of no show at the departure airport and without cancellation 3 hours before departure.

Special conditions may be indicated to you by our agents for specific promotional airfares (example: tickets that cannot be modified or refunded).

7. Payments


As soon as you accept the quote, our agents will confirm the availability of all the services included in your itinerary and will send you an email with a link to our secure payment gateway for the payment of your deposit.

You will receive a second email for the payment of the balance of your trip due no later than 45 days before your arrival in Tahiti.

By bank transfers :

For payments by bank transfer, please note your quotation number and your name in the comment field of your transfer request.

The expenses generated by a payment by bank transfer are the responsibility of the client.

Bank SOCREDO – 98714 Papeete – Tahiti – French Polynesia

Account name : E-Tahiti Travel

Bank code Agency code Account Number RIB Key
17469 00001 05039270000 24
IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
FR 76 1746 9000 0105 0392 7000 024
BIC (Bank Identifier Code)


For any additional services on a confirmed route, changes will be billed at the price of these additional services at no additional cost.

In all other cases (reduction in the length of stay, change in the number of passengers, change of itinerary), the cancellation conditions mentioned below will apply (see § 9).

Once an international airline ticket has been issued, any modification (including spelling of the passenger’s first or last name) will incur a fee of 150 euros per ticket + readjustment to the new available fare.

Once an international airline ticket has been issued, any cancellation will incur a fee of 300 euros per ticket.

No-shows will be charged 100% of the fare except for flights from Los Angeles for which a fee of 350€ per ticket will apply.


Because of the always possible hazards in travel and stays, participants are warned that what is described to them is the rule but that they may find and experience exceptions. If essential elements need to be modified before departure, the traveler or travel intermediary will be notified by e-mail, fax or telephone by e-Tahiti Travel who will offer the customer:

either the possibility to cancel his trip at no charge

or the possibility to subscribe to a new offer

If during the trip, one of the e-Tahiti Travel suppliers cannot provide a preponderant part of the services provided for in the contract, e-Tahiti Travel shall:

either offer replacement services at no extra cost

or refund to the customer the value of the service if e-Tahiti Travel is unable to offer replacement services.

10. Cancellation & Refunds

10.1 General terms and conditions

Cancellation fees are due as soon as the reservation of the services is confirmed. Cancellation requests must be made in writing to e-Tahiti Travel by email (info@etahititravel.com).

The date we receive the email will be the date of cancellation. e-Tahiti Travel will charge a cancellation fee accordingly.

For the cancellation of international airline tickets already issued, the Air Tahiti Nui cancellation fee is 300€ per person.

For the cancellation of other services (accommodation, transfers, activities, inter-island flights…), the cancellation policy of the different suppliers will be applied. You will be able to obtain the accommodation policy included in your quote from your travel consultant.

For any cancellation of a confirmed stay, e-Tahiti Travel cancellation fees are 300,00€ per person.

If cancellation of your stay is requested:

Between 45 days and 30 days before your arrival in Tahiti, 50% of the stay remains.

Less than 30 days before arrival, no refund is possible.

Once the stay has started, any modification or cancellation leading to additional costs will be at the charge of the client and there will be no refund.

Should e-Tahiti Travel be forced to cancel all or part of the stay, the traveler or travel intermediary will be notified by e-mail, fax or telephone. All sums paid corresponding to the cancelled services will be immediately refunded. The traveler or travel agent is not entitled to claim damages. In the event of cancellation of the trip, insurance policies are never refundable.

Refunds can take up to 4 weeks.

No compensation may be claimed from e-TAHITI travel in case of cancellation of the trip for reasons of force majeure or for reasons related to the safety of the travelers.

Airlines are here governed by the Warsaw Convention which has been extended to French Polynesia, as its modern version, and the Montreal Convention (for PPT/Auckland flights). The Montreal convention is only applicable to international transport between countries that have joined. It is not applicable to Air Tahiti group companies and domestic airlines based in French Polynesia.

French Polynesia is not part of the European Union.

European regulations are therefore not applicable to airlines based in French Polynesia, except for flights departing from a European Union country. The company Air Tahiti Nui is subjected to the European legislation only for its flights departing from Paris.

Domestic flights within French Polynesia are only subject to the international convention of Warsaw.

Concerning delayed flights, according to its article 19, modified by the Hague Protocol, the carrier is liable for “damage resulting from delay in the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo by air”, but the carrier is not liable if it proves that it has taken all necessary measures to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for them to take them (article 20).

The Warsaw Convention makes no provision for cancelled flights. It is therefore at the discretion of the air carrier to compensate the passenger, not the agency.

Flight delays or cancellations are the responsibility of the carrier, not the agency, so in case of a customer’s claim, the carrier’s contact details will be communicated to you.

10.2 Special conditions

Special cancellation conditions (communicated at the time of booking) apply if your stay includes cruises.

For all other booked services (accommodation, transfers, activities, inter-island flights…), the cancellation policy of the different service providers will be applied.

11. Travel insurance

We recommend that you take out insurance when you purchase your trip.

In order to guarantee you serenity and comfort during your stay, we offer you our preferred conditions with our travel insurance partner DiveAssure.

Whether you are a diver or simply a tourist in our islands, choose the insurance policy that suits your needs.

You can get your quote online by clicking on the banner below or via the link:

Access your travel insurance via e TAHITI travel


12.1 Cabin baggage

Only one piece of cabin luggage is allowed per passenger, weighing a maximum of 5 kg. The dimensions of this baggage must not exceed 45 x 35 x 20 cm (this baggage remains under the passenger’s responsibility for the entire duration of the trip).

12.2 Checked baggage

The size is limited to: Length + width + height < 150 cm.

Passengers connecting with an international flight (tourists, non-residents) have a 23 kg allowance on presentation of their international ticket.

Luggage weighing more than 25 kg each is not accepted at check-in and must be transported by freight.

Divers traveling on Air Tahiti are entitled to an additional charge of 5kg, exclusively for diving equipment, upon presentation of an official proof (dive card or license).

Babies do not have baggage allowance

Following the failures reported by Samsung concerning its Galaxy Note 7 cell phones and in accordance with the new regulations in force, for the safety of passengers, the transport by plane of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones, even switched off, is now strictly forbidden (on itself, in cabin and hold luggage but also by air freight). In the event that a customer is in possession of this type of phone, it will be up to him/her to take the necessary measures to leave the device on the ground because it cannot be kept in custody by Air Tahiti.

If he is unable to do so, he will not be allowed to board and will be transferred to another flight (depending on the availability of flights and the conditions of his ticket) until he can find a solution. In addition, our agents may request that baggage be opened in order to check its contents.


13.1 Cabin baggage

Only one piece of cabin luggage is allowed per passenger, weighing a maximum of 10 kg.

The size is limited to: Length + width + height less than < 115 cm.

In addition to the free baggage allowance, a personal item weighing up to 3 kilos and a maximum of 115 cm is accepted free of charge among the following items: handbag, camera bag, computer bag, baby bag.

An excess of 3kg and 115cm is granted to babies under 2 years old, for their dietary needs.

Mobility devices (e.g. cane, crutches, manual folding wheelchair, etc.) are allowed in the cabin free of charge and in addition to the excess, provided they can be stored in a compartment on board.

13.2 Checked baggage

For passengers in Economy class, the free baggage allowance is one (1) piece of luggage per passenger.

For passengers in Business or First class, the free baggage allowance is two (2) pieces of luggage per passenger.

The maximum weight of each piece of luggage is 23 kg (32 kg in Business Class).

The size is limited to: Length + width + height < 158 cm.

For everyone’s safety, and in accordance with the Emergency Order issued by the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and HazardousMaterialsSafety Administration (PHMSA), SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 cell phones are strictly prohibited on board Air Tahiti Nui aircraft, whether in the cabin or in cargo. For more information, please visit the official website: https:/www.transportation.gov/briefing-room/dot-bans-all-samsung-galaxy-note7-phones-airplanes


Since January 12, 2009, to transit the USA without a visa, you must:

Be in possession of a round-trip plane ticket (which proves your exit from the US territory, regardless of the airport of entry and exit).

Present an electronicpassport. Otherwise, a visa will be required.

Fill out the ESTA at https:/esta.cbp.dhs.gov prior to travel in order to receive a travel authorization. This authorization is billed at 21$ /person (not included in the quote).

Check if in the last few years, you have been in a country “black-listed” by the US administration that would require the renewal of your passport.

For more information, please visit the website of the Embassy of the United States in your country of residence.

According to the new regulations in force, all electronic devices will have to be loaded for boarding on international flights to Tahiti or Paris and transiting through Los Angeles. Unloaded electronic devices, which cannot be turned on, will not be allowed on planes leaving for the United States.

In no event shall e-Tahiti Travel be liable for any cost, expenses or compensation resulting from the absence of a valid passport and/or visa as required by French or U.S. law, or the refusal of access of a passenger to the Territory of French Polynesia by the French authorities for any reason whatsoever.

e-Tahiti Travel cannot be held responsible for a missed flight due to a passenger not showing up on time at the check-in counter.


e-Tahiti Travel and its suppliers cannot be held responsible for any accident, delay, or expense due to: illness, theft, strike, technical incident, quarantine, pandemic, war, weather conditions, and generally any expense due to a change in a schedule or service, or any other cause beyond their control.

The responsibility of E-Tahiti Travel as a tour operator is defined by the deliberation n°87-138 AT of December 23, 1987 of French Polynesia and its application decree n°80CM of January 28, 1988. E-Tahiti Travel SA holds a license A delivered by the Territory of French Polynesia (decree 0029/MTE of March 7, 2007) allowing it to carry on a travel agency activity. Its financial guarantee is ensured by the Bank of Polynesia, Papeete. E-Tahiti Travel is covered by professional civil liability insurance with HELVETIA.

The tour operator acting as a travel organizer is led to choose different service providers (carriers, hoteliers, tour operators) for the realization of its packages: it cannot be held responsible in case of accidents, losses, damages, delays, bankruptcy of a supplier or any other irregularity that could occur through the fault and negligence of one of these suppliers, who will in any case retain, with respect to any participant, the responsibilities specific to their activity.

In addition, the tour operator cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the following events: Incidents or unforeseeable and insurmountable events of a foreign third party such as: bad weather conditions, political circumstances, strikes, natural disasters, pandemics, border closures for whatever reason, technical incidents, loss or theft of luggage or other effects. The delay(s) suffered due to the cases mentioned above and any resulting changes in itinerary may not give rise to any compensation whatsoever, in particular due to a change in the duration of the program initially planned or a delay in a connection. Any additional costs related to a disruption (hotel, transfers, meals…) will remain the responsibility of the client.

Cancellation imposed by circumstances of force majeure and/or for reasons related to the safety of the clients and/or on the order of an administrative authority. The tour operator reserves the right to modify the dates, schedules or itineraries if it deems that the safety of the traveler cannot be ensured and this without the latter being able to claim any compensation. Loss or theft of airline tickets (airlines do not issue duplicate tickets).

e-Tahiti Travel shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional costs or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by a force majeure event beyond our control. Force Majeure includes, but is not limited to: terrorism, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, act of war, terrorism, pandemic, epidemic, acts of God, acts of Government or other authorities, natural disasters, and generally any fortuitous, unforeseeable and irresistible event.


e-Tahiti Travel is a travel agency registered with the Tourism Service under the license number #0018 issued by the Ministry of Tourism of French Polynesia. As such, all our customers’ deposits are protected by a bank guarantee deposited in a blocked bank account.


The photos and illustrations on the website www.etahititravel.com and on the itineraries are not contractual.


The head office of the company e TAHITI travel is located at Immeuble WOLFF, Fare Ute, Papeete, TAHITI.BP 42 692 Fare Tony, Papeete, TAHITI. As such, the general conditions are subject to the law of French Polynesia.

Any complaint or conflict will be resolved by the Court of Justice of Papeete – Tahiti.


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