Located some 300 kms to the northwest of Tahiti, Tikehau is also called the “Robinson’s Island”. This oval shaped atoll has a large pass and a series of islets (motu), the largest of which at the south west of the atoll is inhabited.

The charming village of Tuherahera, swathed in flowers, is located on the south end of this large motu which also has two other villages. Tuheiava is an important center for lagoon fishing and the many fish parks that supply the markets of Tahiti thanks to frequent connections by plane. The village of Maiaia is traditionaly producing copra.

The beauty and abundance of its fauna account for the popularity of scuba diving especially in the Tuheiava pass, where the manta rays’ dance alternates with the parades of shoals of barracuda, and tuna fish, not to mention the gray and the white-tipped sharks.

Tikehau is definitely one of the most beautiful and secluded atolls in Polynesiax; it is also home to many bird colonies that have sought refuge in the islets, including the aptly named Isle of Birds, well known for its red-footed gannets and brown noddies.

A luxury resort is located at the heart of a natural coconut grove fringed by deserted white sand beaches where buildings and nature blend in perfect harmony.


  •  Diving and snorkeling
  • Picnic trips on deserted islet
  • Secluded beaches
  • A huge natural swimming pool
  • Tuheiva, Tikehau’s only pass, the place to see the dancing manta rays, the shoals of barracuda and tuna, the gray or black tip sharks, the blue dolphins

Activities and Sightseeing

  •  Numerous bird colonies
  • Circle island tour
  • Nautical activities
  • Scuba diving with TOP DIVE
  • Nautical lagoon & coral reef pass excursions
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Trips to a natural motu (islet)
  • Visit the natural lagoon aquarium
  • Excursions to the islands of birds
  • Visit of the village of Tuherahera
  • Sunset cruises
  • The pink sand
  • Visit of a pearl farm
  • Spa and relaxation center

Archipelago  : TUAMOTU ISLANDS

Surface  : 178 sq. mi. (lagoon)

Location : 190 miles north of Tahiti and 7,5 miles form Rangiroa

Population  : + 507

copra, fishing

Capital city : Tuerahera


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