Tubuai enjoys a temperate climate, tropical yet cooler than Tahiti. Tubuai is the largest island of the archipelago.

Two volcanic mountain ranges stand out against the milky sky typical of the Austral archipelago. Tubuai’s warm waters offer an excellent shelter for all sorts of tropical fish as well as clams and crayfish living close to the many “motu” (islets) set inside the coral barrier..

4×4 excursions are possible as well as easy hikes to the top of Mount Taita enabling ramblers to exercise their passion on wild trails amidst lush vegetation flooded by sun.

In addition, a constant  year-round wind allows kitesurfing, or windsurfing in its immense lagoon.

Finally we will never forget that a few years after Captain James Cook, the first Euopeans to set foot on this ground were Fletcher Christian and his “Mutiny on the Bounty” gang who tried to settle in Fort George only to leave traces of their passage after intense battles on the site.


  • A 5 km long lagoon
  • Rich and exceptional underwater flora
  • Magnificient islets
  • Motu and white sand beaches
  • Numerous Pre-European archelological remnants

Activities and Sightseeing

  •  Hiking circuits
  • Fort George
  • Hermitage of Sainte Hélène
  • Circle island tour
  • Nautical lagoon & coral reef pass excursions
  • 4WD safari
  • Kitesurf, windsurf

Archipelago  : AUSTRAL ISLANDS

Surface  : 17 sq. mi.

Location : 398 miles south of Tahiti

Population  : + 2,294

Highest peak :
Mount Taitaa (1,385 feet)

Capital city : Mataura


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