Ua Huka

With its 30 square miles of mountains, UA HUKA is one of the smallest islands of the Marquesas. Home of the “great house” of gods overlooking the ocean, this wild and deep universe offers a preserved nature with steep slopes and desert plateaus.

The population lives mainly horse breeding in the highlands, because there are more horses on the island than people, fishing and coprahculture.

They live around Vaipaee, capital of the island which has an archaeological museum located in the local authority.

Ua Huka is also the place whre the Marquesas’ most ancient archeological sites can be found. The preservation of cultural heritage and environmental protection are very important for the local population. You can visit the site Meiaute with red stone tikis, the cave “Pas”, the bird’s island, petroglyphs of vaikiki and many others.

Traditional arts, seen in “tapa” factories or monoi fabrication places “Kumu Hei” are also preponderent in wood or stone carving.


  • The village of Vaipaee, Hane and Hokatu
  • Rich handicrafts area
  • The Meiaute archeological site consists of a large collection of “paepae” and “meae” where red stone monumental “tiki” can be found
  • Petroglyphs, tiki
  • The arboretum
  • Museums

Activities and Sightseeing

  • Archeological museum of Vaipaee
  • Geology museum of Hokatu
  • Sea Museum of Hane
  • Museum of the wood
  • Petroglyphe museum
  • Arboretum de Papua – Keikaha Temoohe
  • Horseback riding


Surface  : 30 sq.mi.

Location : 870 miles North-East of Tahiti

Population  : + 630

Highest peak :
Mount Hitikau (2,805 feef)

Capital city : Vaipaee

Ua Huka

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