Following the announcements made by the French Prime Minister Jean CASTEX at the end of the defense council of January 29th, High Commissioner Dominique SORAIN announced that the conditions of access to and from French Polynesia would be strictly limited to compelling reasons related to health, work or family. The imperative nature of the justifications produced by travelers will be rigorously controlled. Tourism is no longer considered as a compelling reason at this stage.

In accordance with the decree n°2021-99 of January 30, 2021 reinforcing the measures of fight against Covid-19, as from February 03, 2021, any traveler coming from or going to French Polynesia will have to justify that his situation is due to one of the three imperative reasons – personal/family, health, professional.

At this point there is no set timeframe for the above measures to be in place, however it is likely that February and March departures will be impacted.

Our industry remains focused on options for the travelers who are impacted by this new borders closure.

Our commitment :

Our agency has put in place all the necessary means to ensure the well-being and safety of our travelers while limiting the financial impact for them as much as possible. During previous “waves”, whether it be border closures or lock-downs, we have taken up the responsibility of any modifications, cancellations or rescheduling of vacation stays.

Furthermore, we have negotiated to have this utmost flexibility with all service providers. Since then, our destination has stayed abreast of all changes and our tourism industry remains focused on the needs of all of our visitors. Our industry, with our agency included, has adhered to a Flexibility agreement allowing these postponements at no extra cost (as long as the new stay is during the same seasonality than originally booked) to the travelers who had been affected.

These conditions are valid for a trip affected by Covid-19 conditions preventing travel – as detailed below:

  • lockdown in the customer’s country of residence
  • inability to travel to French Polynesia due to the border closure
  • lockdown decided in French Polynesia or quarantine condition imposed upon arrival
  • inability to travel to French Polynesia for a traveler in the event Covid-19 test carried out in the 72 hours before his flight reveals positive.
  • impossibility of continuing a stay in French Polynesia for a traveler declared positive during the stay (for the part of the stay not consumed)

For any other reason for cancellation our usual Terms and Conditions will apply.

For more information on the conditions of entry to French Polynesia, visit Tahiti Tourism website:

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