Moorea, Papeete, Bora-Bora are all names that evoke an immediate desire to escape to French Polynesia. Vahines, dream beaches, surfers’ and divers’ paradise: the five archipelagos with their 118 islands call the traveler like a siren.

Why not pack your bags and go there? What if you choose Polynesia for your next vacation? Whether you are planning a trip to Tahiti and her islands or you still have doubts, you will need some preparation.

Traveling to these paradise islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is not something you can improvise. Anticipating will allow you to travel more serenely.


To start touching your dream, you will have to fill your piggy bank. The lagoons must be earned, so you will need to budget adequately for your trip, your accommodation, your meals, your travel from island to island, and your activities. Depending on the islands and the type of accommodation, the budget required can vary from simple to double. Do not hesitate to contact specialists in Tahiti vacations in order to help you design your customized trip.

In Tahiti, life is more expensive than in mainland France. You will be able to withdraw Pacific Francs (XPF) from ATMs to pay your bills, but remember to keep cash on you: payment by card is not possible everywhere, especially in remote islands like the Tuamotus.

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Your papers must be in order. An identity card is not sufficient for French Polynesia, a valid passport will be necessary. If you are transiting through the United States, you will need to have 6 months of validity on your electronic passport and an authorization to stay (ESTA).

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Don’t try to set a record for the number of islands visited, opt instead for a few islands that you will take the time to discover and enjoy.

Time management

Polynesia is a long way away, count on a minimum of 20 hours of flight time and between 11 and 12 hours of time difference, so favour stays of at least two weeks to fully enjoy it. The dry period stretching from April to October will offer you better climatic conditions, you will have little rain and can hope to meet humpback whales. Life on the islands offers another rhythm, here it is de rigueur to take your time, so don’t rush.

More information on the time difference in Tahiti, and the climate in Polynesia (“Generalities” and “Climate” tabs)

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Preparing your suitcase

Your suitcase for French Polynesia will surely be one of the lightest of your trips. There is no need to load up, the climate and the relaxed atmosphere invite you to part with the superfluous. A bathing suit will be your most useful item of clothing to enjoy the swims. Don’t forget to bring your sun protection kit to ward off the rays. Glasses, hat, and SPF 50 cream are all necessary.

Water sandals and hiking boots will protect your feet. A sweater and a windbreaker will be enough to protect you from the cold weather. Your photo and video equipment will allow you to record your memories in images. It is time to equip yourself with covers and accessories that allow you to use your cameras underwater.

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Ready to board?

Don’t forget to book your accommodations in advance, at certain times accommodations are crowded and prices are skyrocketing. Check out the packages: there are often offers for stays at reasonable prices, but in limited quantities.

Let yourself be carried along by the islands. But try to prepare in advance the places to visit in order to optimize your vacation period in this dream destination. Of course, keep some time for a certain freedom of choice once you are there, to indulge in other activities not planned, or shows.

Think about your travel diaries, on the way you could feel the soul of an artist under the spell of the beauty of the place.