With its 8 square kilometers, Rimatara is the smallest of the Australs islands. Surrounded by a coral reefand a shallow lagoon makes it impossible for boats to dock there, only one narrow pass allows “pirogues” to pass. 

Before the creation of the airport the only way to visit the island was by the Tuhaapae II who landed wares and passengers every two or three weeks. Without harbor or dock, the boats docked directly on the beach of Amaru, the capital of Rimatara.

In Rimatara you can enjoy the quiet and relaxing life, swim or explore the cave Hurua. The island is one of the last shelters for an endangered bird species,khul’s lorikeet or vini’ura, a bird whose colorful feathers brighten up the Rimatara’s sky.




  • A remote island
  • Preparation of fara pae’ore leaves
  • woven items
  • Endangered bird species, khul’s lorikeet or vini’ura

Activities and Sightseeing

  •  Mutuaura temple built in 1857
  • The natural bay of Mutuaura
  • The bath of the Virgins, a natural pool
  • The vini’ura bird
  • The pandanus leaves : gathering, drying and weaving

Archipelago  : AUSTRAL ISLANDS

Surface  : 3,5 sq. mi.

Location : 342 miles South of Tahiti

Population  : + 786

Highest peak :
Mount ‘Oromana (272 feet)

Capital city : Amaru

Bora bora

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