I DO. These 2 words were pronounced with a salted smile with tears of joy.
Your destiny is now officially linked to the one of your other half. Now you wish to enjoy your new married life far away from your usual life. Bye bye stress and greyness, hello sun, coconut palms and fine sand! Tahiti inspires you but you don’t dare to give it a try. Your love deserves the best. What other destination than French Polynesia can make a dream come true to welcome your honeymoon?

You will alternate between the black sand of Tahiti and the legendary white sand of Bora-Bora or Moorea. In the Tuamotu, your feet will touch a pink sand.

You will enjoy strolling in the lush gardens.

You’ll lose track of time as you scramble through the names of the 118 islands and choose which archipelago to explore.

Ocean will be your playground. Put yourself in the water hand in hand, play a balancing act in paddle along the motu, coral islets, slip among the turtles, rays and multicolored fishes, coo to the whales’ song or enjoy the thrill of head to head with the sharks at Fakarava.

You’ll be looking forward to the sunsets and make a thousand wishes under the stars.

You will go from island to island on a catamaran.

A duo massage with coconut oil or a papaya scrub will finish relaxing you. The flavors of the dishes will delight your taste buds and leave you with an atypical taste. 

You will sleep in hotels to roll in luxury or in guesthouses to meet the locals.

You will take height in the huts on stilts and will be delighted to see your breakfast arriving by pirogue.

You will be sure to renew your yes at a traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony.

Music, dances and flowers will ensure the atmosphere.

Relax, Tahiti takes care of you.

The choice of Polynesia is one of letting go, disconnection, diversity and fusion with your chosen one.

These precious memories for two will forever have the scent of the paradise islands.


Go through an agency to worry about nothing and create with your travel advisor the stay that suits you best.