You want to choose a Polynesian name for your child? Discover more than 100 Tahitian names for boy or girl with their meaning. Names full of poetry, sunshine and Pacific ocean from the other side of the world!

The Tahitian language (or ” Reo Tahiti “) is used in the Society Islands, in French Polynesia.

Although French is predominantly used, Tahitian is the mother tongue of many islanders, and is still used in a variety of contexts: in politics, in the media (local TV stations always present the news in both languages: French and Tahitian), in some religions and, of course, to promote the Polynesian culture.

Today, Reo Tahiti is the language spoken during the famous “Orero”, this ancestral declamatory art whose purpose is to eloquently narrate a speech to the crowd. People gathered to listen to the “orero”. The Tahitian was thus the gateway linking the different communities. Initially spoken, Tahitian has long been banned in school by teachers. It was not until 1981 that language was authorized and taught in Tahiti. Polynesians are attached to their vernacular languages.

Nowadays, Tahitian and the other languages of the islands survive in the current context of globalization and uniformity of languages between countries. The Tahitian has soft and round tones marked by a rich cultural heritage. The language has a very strong visual character because many words are derived from Polynesian observations and thus have a proper meaning. Many parents who live in Polynesia or who have lived there are tempted to give their child a Tahitian name with a very particular meaning that will guide him throughout his life.

Before choosing, there are some particularities in the Tahitian language that you must know in order to pronounce the future first name correctly.

Concerning the vowels :

  • “a” is pronounced “ah” as in the word “father”
  • “e” is pronounced “eh” as in the word “late”
  • “i” is pronounced “ee” as in the word “bee”
  • “o” is pronounced “oh” as in the word “no”
  • “u” is pronounced “oo” as in the word “foot”.

The pronunciation of the consonants in Tahitian is the same as for English.


Now it’s time to discover Tahitian names:

First nameKindMeaning
FarahinanoGirlsThis name for girls means in Tahitian: "the flower of Pandanus". Pandanus is a tropical plant widespread in Polynesia.
HauataGirlsThis beautiful name for a girl means in Tahitian language: "cloud of peace" or "peaceful cloud".
HautiareGirlsThis girl name means in Reo Tahiti: "the sweet flower" or "a sweet flower".
HeianaGirlsIn Tahitian, the girl name Heiana means: "brilliant crown".
HeiataGirlsThis girl name means in Tahitian language: "crown of clouds". This Tahitian name is quite common in Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.
GirlsThis beautiful first name for girls is very popular in Tahiti and Hawaii, it means : "crown of the sky".
HeiuraGirlsThis Tahitian first name (for girls) can be translated as: "brilliant crown", "red crown" or "crown of fire".
kahaiaGirlsA first name of Polynesian origin for girls which means : "name of a flower".
MahanaGirlsThis Tahitian name for girls means literally : "sun".
MahineGirlsTahitian first name for girls meaning : "young girl".
MaimaGirlsThis Tahitian name for girls may be translated as : "the one who raises". It can also be the Tahitian translation of the first name "Mary".
MaimitiGirlsThis name for a girl means in Tahitian language : "comes from the sea".
MarevaGirlsThis beautiful tahitian name means : "dream of heaven".
MateataGirlsPolynesian first name for a girl meaning : "cloudless sky".
MoemoeaGirlsThis name for girls can be translated into Tahitian language by: "dreams" or "dream".
OriheiGirlsTahitian name for a girl who comes from Tahitian and has two parts, "ori": "dance", and "hei": "crown", and which can be translated as : "crown of dances".
PoeheiGirlsCute name for girls that can be translated from Tahitian into: "pearl crown".
PoehereGirlsGirl name, coming from Tahitian "poe": "pearl", and "here": "love" which can be translated as: "the pearl of love" or "pearl dear".
PuaitiGirlsGirl first name meaning: "little flower" in Tahitian.
RaianaGirlsName for girl which means: "starry sky" in tahitian language.
RainaGirlsGirl first name which means: "calm sky" in Tahitian.
RauanaGirlsGirl first name of Polynesian origin meaning: "several stars or caves".
RavanuiGirlsThis tahitian name for girl can be translated as: "tall brunette woman".
RemunaGirlsGirl first name which translates as: "grenadine" in tahitian language.
RoimataGirlsThis name for girl can be translated as: "tear" in Tahitian.
TapairuGirlsGirl name which literally translates as: "royal dancer" in Tahitian language.
TeräväGirlsFirst name for girls meaning "black" in Tahitian.
TerevaGirlsGirl name of Tahitian origin which translates as: "departure" or "beginning".
TevahineGirlsTahitian name meaning : "the woman".
TiarehereGirlsGirl name of Tahitian origin that can be translated as: "flower of love" or "darling flower".
TiarenuiGirlsGirls first name of French Polynesia means in Tahitian language: "big flower".
TuahineGirlsGirl first name meaning "sister" in Tahitian.
VaheanaGirlsName for girl which translates as: "storm" in tahitian language.
VahineariiGirlsGirl name which translates literally as : "the queen".
VahinetuaGirlsName of Polynesian origin meaning: "daughter of the open sea".
VaimaGirlsFirst name for girl which means: "spring water" in vehicular language of French Polynesia.
VaimitiariiGirlsTahitian Girl first name which translates as: "royal sea water".
VaipoeGirlsTahitian girls first name meaning : "water pearls".
VairaniGirls"heavenly water" in Tahitian, popular Girl name in Tahiti.
AitoariiBoysIn Tahitian, this boy name means : "royal warrior".
AitonuiBoysBoy name of Polynesian origin which means: "great warrior".
AriihauBoysName of Tahitian origin for boy composed of "Arii": king, and "hau": peace, which translates as : "king of the peace" or "wisdom".
AriihereBoysTahitian masculine name meaning : "king of love".
AriinuiBoysTahitian name (masculine) which translates as: "great king" or "supreme king".
AriiteaBoysBoy name of Tahitian origin which means : "white prince".
EnohaBoysThis beautiful boy's name means "name of a bird" in Tahitian.
HauariiBoysThis name for a boy from Tahitian origin can be translated as : "royal peace".
HaunuiBoysThis boy name of Polynesian origin is composed of two parts: "Hau": the peace and "nui": great, thus forming: "the great peace".
HeiariiBoysThis popular name for boy can be translated as: "crown of the king" in Reo Tahiti.
HeremoanaBoysBoy name meaning : "ocean of love", very popular in French Polynesia.
HiroitiBoysThis name of Tahiti means in Reo Tahiti: "little king Hiro", name of polynesian God
ManahauBoysThis name of Polynesian origin can be translated as : "spirit of wisdom" or "wise spirit".
ManeaBoysTahitian name for boys meaning : "beautiful".
MetuaBoysName for boy who means : "head of the family" or "parents" in Tahitian language.
MoanauraBoysThis beautiful masculine name translates literally as : "Red Sea" in Tahitian.
RaiariinuiBoysThis name of Tahitian origin means "supreme chief of heaven".
RaimanaBoysName of Polynesian origin for boy which can be translated as : "divine power of the sky" or "spirit of heaven".
RotuiBoysA popular mount of Moorea island who separates the bays of Opunuhu and Cook.
TaaroaBoysBoy name of Tahiti meaning : "ancestor of the gods".
BoysTahitian first name meaning : "desire" in Tahitian language.
TamaroaBoysTahitian name which can be translated as: "big boy".
TanetoaBoysBoy first name meaning: "warrior man" in Reo Tahiti.
TeanuanuaBoysThis Tahitian name refers to "the rainbow".
TeanuheBoysThis beautiful name of Tahitian origin translates as : "fern".
TemanaoBoysThis elegant masculine first name in Tahitian means : "thought".
TemanuBoysOften present in Polynesian songs, this name translates literally as : "the bird".
Teri'iBoysTahitian name (masculine) which can be translated as: "humility" or "humble".
BoysThis name, which is very common in Polynesia, means : "infinite".
TinoBoysIn Tahitian, this name for boy means: "body".
BoysName for boy that can be translated as: "far", "distant" or "wide ocean" in tahitian language.
TuaneBoysBoy name that can be translated as: "brother" in Reo Tahiti.
VaruaBoysNice masculine name of Tahiti meaning: "Soul".
ViniuraBoysThis Polynesian name means : "red bird" in Tahitian.
NinoBoysIn Tahitian, this masculine first name refers to "opinion".
NuiBoysName for boy meaning: "big" in Tahitian.
OrirauBoysThis masculine name of Polynesia evokes the "multiple or various dances".
OroBoys"Oro" is the name of a Polynesian God.
AimataariiMixedThis beautiful mixed first name can be translated as : "royal wink" or "wink of the king" in Tahitian.
HaniheiMixedNice name for boy or girl literally meaning "darling crown" in Tahitian language.
HaumanaMixedMixed tahitian name composed of two parts: "Hau": peaceful / peace and "Mana": power / spirit, this name evokes: "peaceful spirit", "spirit of peace", or "power of peace".
HeifaraMixedMixed tahitian name referring to: "pandanus crown". Pandanus is a tropical plant widespread in Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.
HeinuiMixedNice Polynesian name for girl or boy meaning : "big crown".
MaheaMixedThis name of Polynesian origin means "to be clean" in Polynesian language.
MihiauMixedThis mixed name full of sensitivity translates as: "thought" or "melancholy" in Reo Tahiti.
MoetuMixedMixed name meaning "to sleep standing" in Tahitian.
NuihauMixedTahitian name for boy or girl which means: "great peace".
MixedMixed first name of Polynesia meaning "sky".
RaitevaMixedMixed name of Tahiti translating literally by: "stormy sky".
RerehauMixedThis beautiful mixed name means "peaceful flight" in Tahitian.
TaraihauMixedThis Tahitian name can be translated as: "extend peace".
TauahereMixedSymbol of a union, this beautiful name means: "our love" in Tahitian language.
TeataMixedThis name for boy or girl means: "the cloud" in Tahitian.
TehaniMixedThis elegant mixed name refers to: "my darling" in Polynesian language.
TemihiMixedName of Tahitian origin meaning "thought".
TeuiraMixedIn Tahitian, this name means "flash" and can be used for a boy as for a girl.
TeuraMixedMixed first name meaning "red" in Reo Tahiti.
TevaihauMixedThis beautiful Tahitian name of girl or boy can be translated as: "peaceful water".
TiaitauMixedThis mixed Tahitian name means "long wait".
ToerauMixedThis name from Polynesia refers to the "northeastern wind".
VaiariiMixedComposed of "Vai": water and "arii": king / royal, this beautiful name of Tahiti can be translated as "royal water", "royal basin" or "royal river".
VaihauMixedThis beautiful tahitian name means "calm water".
VaihiariiMixedName of Polynesian origin that can be translated as "royal spring water".
VaiuraMixedMixed name of Tahiti meaning: "red water" or "boiling water".