Fish Stuffing

Polynesian Recipes Etahiti Travel

Ingredients :

puce1 piece bluefin or white tuna

puceGreen onions (a handful)

puceDried orange peel

puce1 tomato

puce2 cloves of garlic

puce2 tbsp of water

puceSalt & pepper to taste


Preparation : 

1. Fillet the fish and remove skin and bonesRemove any juice from the tomato 

2. Add the fillets and the garlic into a blender with the water and mix 

3. Season with salt and pepper as desired 

4.  Finely chop the green onions, dried orange and tomato. 

5. Add the vegetables, season generously with salt (or at your taste) and pepper, gently mix.  

6. Mix with the preparation.

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