Traveling in French Polynesia is a dream come true. Breathtaking landscapes and a friendly welcome from the inhabitants will mark out your stay. Each of the islands of the archipelagos conceals unique treasures. There is no lack of activities. Contemplative and sporty people will find something to do on land, underwater or in the air. Diving, hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle are alternatives to discover the landscapes of Polynesia from another angle.

Tahiti is the main island of French Polynesia, with its lively capital city of Papeete. Papeete’s municipal market is a great place to buy fresh produce, and your Tahitian souvenirs: fragrant monoi oil, Tahitian vanilla beans, shell and wood crafts, and Tahitian pearl jewelry at great prices. You will also be surprised to discover black sand beaches on the eastern coastline and lush vegetation and natural waterfalls in the heart of the island. On its side, Mount Orohena culminates at 2241 meters, a beautiful ascent. Staying on the island in July will give you the opportunity to attend the Heiva i Tahiti, an event not to be missed to discover traditional songs and dances (Ori Tahiti), as well as sports competitions such as the stone lifting.

On the peninsula, Teahupoo will offer you the spectacle of the widest and thickest regular waves in the world. This legendary surfing spot will tempt seasoned surfers while novices will enjoy admiring the tricks of those who dare.

During your stay, you will not miss the Mara’a caves on the west coast. Although quite easy to access, this place is unusual. Under the cascade of vegetation, fresh water basins and an amazing optical illusion are to be discovered.

On the east coast, the Pointe Vénus, lined with black sand beaches, will make you discover a nice view and you will be able to feel the emotions of the first explorers who discovered the place. It is here that James Cook dropped anchor in 1769 to observe the transit of the planet Venus in front of the sun.

Still on the east coast, taking the hiking trails of the Orofara Valley will allow you to immerse yourself in this generous nature.

A trip to Tahiti and Moorea will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

The island of Moorea is a highlight of a stay in Polynesia. Tahiti’s sister island is mountainous and surrounded by lagoons. The traveler will enjoy passing from white sand banks to green valleys. Located a few dozen minutes from Tahiti by boat, it is easy to reach. If diving with rays and sharks is a key activity in Moorea’s lagoons, it is also recommended to go on foot or by bike to enjoy this little piece of paradise.

At Toatea, you can catch your breath while admiring the view of Tahiti.

The Opunohu lookout will offer you the most beautiful panorama of Polynesia. Located 240 meters above sea level in a crater 9 kilometers in diameter, the viewpoint allows you to observe the eight mountains of the island and to overlook the two bays of Moorea: Cook Bay and Opunohu Bay.