Flora – a true floral fairy-tale that charges the air with enchanting perfumes

In the past, sole the perfume of flowers carried over the ocean by the breeze, was signalling the proximity of our islands to the sailors… It’s to say how much the vegetal profusion was already impressive! Things have hardly changed since then: The islands (especially the “high” islands) are literally adorned with flowers. This floral magic and the haunting perfumes that emanate from it are everywhere, whether in the luxuriant gardens maintained with love or on the slopes of the mountains that are permanently dressed in a farandole of colours … The most common trees, flowers and plants are the “flamboyant” (trees with red, yellow or orange flowers), the “mape (tropical chestnut trees), pandanus, auti, anthurium, jasmine, hibiscus and bougainvillea of all colours, ylang-ylang and the famous “tiare-tahiti” (endemic gardenia widely used in perfumery, and out of which are made the famous crowns & necklaces of flowers). The gardens are full of various and delicious fruits such as mango trees, uru (breadfruit trees), guava trees, avocado trees, “star apple” (“pommier étoile” in French), “corrossol” and bananas.


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