History – The fantastic saga of the South Pacific islands settlement

How were our islands originally populated? To answer this question, it is necessary to briefly retrace what really has been an epic adventure, an unbelievable maritime feat that was almost impossible to achieve at that time: Some 4000 years ago, massive human groups coming from Asia in va’a (double canoes), undertook the colonization of most of the islands of the largest ocean in the world! The equipages were composed of whole families travelling with some animals. Guided by the stars, they travelled more than 20,000 km to finally reach Hawaii. They on the route, also settled down in most of the islands included in that today so called “Polynesian triangle” perimeter (Rapa, New Zealand and Hawaii). The ancient Polynesian society was very hierarchically organized: Populations were broken down into castes of unequal rights. Also, the early animist cults were posing draconian taboos that everyone was to be bound by and obey… It was this society, paradoxically both evolved and strongly linked to Nature, that was to be discovered by the first great European navigators in the 18th century. That is probably that very exclusive mix of evolution and naturality that led Bougainville to enthusiastically, give Tahiti the name of “New Cythera”…


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