Pearl of Tahiti

The pearl of Tahiti – a unique label

Its name in Tahitian is “Poe Rava”. Precious jewel of the Polynesian lagoons, it lengthy grows encrusted in the heart of the great “nacres”, in that unreal pale light of the coral bottoms.

Tahitian pearls are said to be “black” as opposed to the “white” pearls that have been widespread until the 1970s … Actually, very few of them are really black. In fact, their colours range from eggplant to silver grey, through pale pink, water green, gold and “fly wing” … Quite often, this pearl declines the infinite variety of shades of the rainbow.

Its price depends on its size, its reflections, its brilliance, the fineness of its skin (which determines its brilliance) and perfection of its shape (which can be spherical, smooth or ringed with deep striae, ovoid or “baroque”).


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