The Tahitian Cuisine

Polynesian cuisine is a unique cuisine. It is a diet that has been influenced by the culture of the Pacific Islands.

The food is largely based on seafood, but also includes other meats such as pork, poultry and beef. The most notable feature of Polynesian cuisine is its use of coconut milk in many dishes. The cuisine also uses taro root, yam, breadfruit, banana, and pandanus leaves to make various dishes.

Tahitian cuisine uses many starchy foods such as: taro, uru (breadfruit), ufi, tarua… But also specially prepared fruits: fe’i (cooked plantain), po’ e, the reti’a… All accompanied by pork with taro, uru punu puatoro or chicken fafa!

During large family meals or important events, the “ahi’i ma’a” (Tahitian oven) is a must! The “ahi’i ma’a” consists of wrapping the dishes in banana leaves before letting them cook in the earth using hot stone and sand to smother it.
The ingredients are often grown in the rich soil of Tahiti and the fish are freshly caught for incredible dish quality.

Some recipes not to be missed!

Grilled lobster with garlic and parsley butter

Discover the flavors of the sea with a lobster grilled with garlic and parsley butter! What could be tastier than a freshly caught and grilled lobster with flavors of garlic and parsley? Immerse yourself in Polynesian culture with an exotic but authentic recipe.

Raw fish in coconut milk

A well-known dish: raw fish with coconut milk! It is made up of pieces of tuna (red or white) with carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. Add lemon, salt and coconut milk to enjoy an authentic Tahitian raw fish to enjoy with hot rice!

Mahi Mahi with vanilla sauce

Discover a delicious and surprising dish: Mahi Mahi (sea bream) with vanilla sauce! It is a dish well known and loved by the Tahitian population who appreciate a good piece of grilled fish with a vanilla sauce from Taha’a.

Firi Firi, Tahitian donuts
Firi Firi with coconut milk

Discover the Tahitian donuts: firi firi with coconut milk. It is one of the Tahitian specialties that we eat for breakfast or taste with butter, spread or plain.

Banana po’e with coconut milk

A traditional Tahitian dessert that all locals love! It is a dessert made from ripe bananas, sugar and starch. Enjoy this good taste of banana in coconut milk.

Taro Chips

Peckish ? Learn how to make taro chips, a typical Polynesian starch.

Crab curry with coconut milk

A dish full of taste with a mixture of Indian and Polynesian flavors: crab curry with coconut milk. Opt for a recipe high in flavors with a garnish from the sea, let yourself be seduced.

Fish stuffing

Discover the Tahitian fish stuffing. You can stuff vegetables and meats to make your dishes tastier with Polynesian flavors.



Coconut Bread (Faraoa Ha’ari)

We all know the French baguette but do you know the traditional Tahitian bread: coconut bread. This is a bread made with grated coconut and coconut milk, a pure delight!




Want to drink a good cocktail? The Maitai cocktail is the essential cocktail in French Polynesia! If you like sweet and sour rum-based drinks, this cocktail is for you.